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Personal Data Deletion Request

If you would like your information to be deleted, please fill the following form and email to: [email protected].

Please remember, 

1- Before we delete your information, you will have to remove yourself from any active auctions you are participating in.

2- If you have won an auction, you must complete your order and then send your information removal request.



To whom it may concern,
This notice is to inform you that I would like to have my personal data deleted from your records. My contact information is as follows:

Full Legal Name: 
Telephone Number: 
The reason I am requesting deletion of my personal data is as follows: consent is being revoked for personal data processing.
The information that I am specifically aware of, that you process or retain, is as follows:

If you process other personal data that belongs to me, which I may not be aware of, please consider this request to apply to that data, as well. I would like all of my personal data deleted from your systems.

Please respond in writing to confirm that my request has been honored.